The principles



The European Union for Supported Employment (EUSE) has agreed on the following values and principles that should be present at all supported employment stages and activities and which promote full citizenship rights of individuals:


Individuality – Supported employment regards each individual as unique, with his / her own interests, preferences, conditions and life history


Respect – Supported employment activities are always age appropriate, dignifying and enhancing


Self-determination – Supported employment assists individuals to improve their interests and preferences, express their choices and define their employment / life plan according to personal and contextual conditions. It promotes the principles of self-advocacy by service users


Informed Choice – Supported employment assists individuals to understand their opportunities fully so they can choose consistently within their preferences and with an understanding of the consequences of their choices


Empowerment – Supported employment assists individuals to make decisions on their lifestyle and participation in society. Individuals are centrally involved in the planning, evaluation and development of services


Confidentiality – The Supported employment service provider considers information given by individuals to them as confidential. The service user has access to his/her personal information gathered by the provider and any disclosure is at the discretion of and with the agreement of the individual


Flexibility – Staff and organisational structures are able to change according to the needs of service users. Services are flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals and can be adapted to meet specific requirements


Accessibility – Supported employment services, facilities and information are fully accessible to all people with disabilities.

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